BlueWorld Hosting Usenet Services

I am pleased to announce that I am accepting requests for free Usenet accounts at this time. My server will allow you free and secure access to text-only Usenet newsgroups. Accounts allow unlimited reading and posting. At this time public (no account required) access is allowed for reading Usenet articles.

You may connect your news reader software to I accept connections on port 119 (plain text) or via SSL on port 563.

If you want to post articles using my server please sign-up for an account by e-mailing Please note you will need to send the message from an e-mail account that can receive a reply. I will send your username and initial password information via e-mail. Once you receive your account you may change your password by logging in to Click on Preferences to change your password. Note that there are two password change options, one for Auth and one for Portal. Please change both passwords to ensure access to posting and the web portal.

I am always looking for additional Usenet/NNTP peers. If you would like to peer with my service please see my peering scorecard at